Discover what Product Opportunities to Pursue Next

Frictionlessly Capture Customer Problems, Conduct Customer Interviews / Surveys, Prototype/Test Solutions and Prioritize the validated Opportunities.

Collect Customer Feedback and Conduct Research via an
In App Widget or Public Link

Get customers to provide/vote-on problems they experience, then Conduct Research Studies with those or selected users.

Try It For Yourself

Continuous Product Discovery

Know the depths of your customers' problems, and build what they need to solve it.

How it Works

Find out exactly what problems your customers face and What needs to be added to or improved in your product.
Collect Customer Feedback

Capture feedback (in app) from customers and define related assumptions (e.g. persona).

Capture Customer Insights

Conduct (Qualitative and/or Quantitative) Research Studies (in app or public link).

Prototype and Test Solutions

Do Rapid Prototyping, Concept and UX Testing to build the solution customers need.

Always Know What your Customers Need

Use PrepxUs to augment your empathy for customers and better communicate value to stakeholders.