Simplifying the way effective Customer Research is done.

Leverage Themes and Tags you propose to Define, Test and In/Validate your assumed Customer Problems, Buyer Personas, Customer Journeys and Solutions.

Understand your Customers

Dissect every interaction to identify patterns in the data, which allows you to make more informed product/marketing decisions.

Design Thinking

Know the depths of your customers' problems, and build what they need to solve it.

How it Works

Find out exactly what problems your customers face and What needs to be added to or improved in your product.
Validate Problem

Learn Customer Problems/Pain-Points, validate, alter or scrap the problem hypothesis after interviewing a number of your customer base.

Validate Solution

Brainstorm solution ideas/concepts that you believe solve your customers' problems and test with potential/existing customers.

Value Proposition

Use the discovered insights to communicate the value of your product and marketing decisions, so not only will customers benefit but the brand too.

Always Know What your Customers Want

Use PrepxUs to augment your empathy for customers and better communicate value to stakeholders.