User Research as Easy as A,B,C

Setup, Conduct, Analyse and Synthesise User Research in minutes, from user interviews and usability testing to surveys and observations.
60-days (annual plan) and 21-days (monthly plan) money-back-guarantee.
Self-Service and Live Onboarding Support
Prioritised Idea Backlog and Widget

How It Works

Optionally, install the feedback/research widget, then start a research study (initially it's a survey, but an interview question converts it to a moderated study), thematic analysis and insight/opportunity synthesis are also covered.

Empathize and Innovate

Provide convenience to users by allowing them to submit and chat about their feedback, plus schedule and participate in 1:1 user interviews (and more) without leaving your website.

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PrepxUs came from my desire to help the poor by democratizing innovation, so products/services continuously become better, faster & cheaper.