Topup Wallet

What is a Topup Wallet for?

The Topup Wallet enabled you to pre-pay for ad-hoc research activities (only pay for what you use):

  • Customer Interview Streaming, Recording and Transcribing
  • Survey Responses, Unmoderated UX Testing
  • Live Observation and Session Recording (Coming Soon)

How do I Topup my Wallet?

To Topup your Wallet:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the
    (Settings button) on the bottom left side navigation.
  3. Click
    to the right of the Accounts Section.
  4. Expand this 'Wallet' view.
    Wallet view Expanded
  5. Click this 'Topup' button
    Note: You will see a set of options.
  6. Select a bundle (e.g. Big Bundle).
    Wallet view Expanded
  7. Click the 'PayPal' / 'Debit or Credit Card' button and they will handle the rest.
  8. You've Topped Up your wallet.

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