Persona Analytics

  • Refine and Test Assumptions
  • Find out new insights, from the refreshed view of customer needs

What is Persona Analytics?

Persona Analytics is about:

  • Refining Persona assumptions about a problem (related to an Opportunity/Feedback).
  • Finding new insights, like other pain points your customers are experiencing.
  • Understanding user behaviour when using your/competitor product(s).
  • Gathering voice of the customer data.
  • And much more.

How would I perform Persona Analytics?

To perform Persona Analytics, you'd follow these steps:

  1. Define a Desired Outcome.
  2. Define an Opportunity or Collect Feedback from Customers.
  3. Define a Persona (and related assumptions).
  4. Conduct Qualitative/Quantitative Research Studies.
  5. Tag and Theme, customer responses, observations and interview transcripts.
  6. There are several options:
    • Review the chart to see how many research participants match or are similar to the assumed persona (should take a most 1 minute).
    • Use filtering to include/exclude specif tags, to focus on a specific segment of customers (e.g. those that is enterprise).
    • Use 'Focus on Tag' to find new personas that also experience the same problem.
    • Use 'Focus on Tag' to find new more intense pain points.
  7. Refine the assumptions and if necessary, run another research study e.g. quantitative, to confirm the qualitative finds with a wider audience.
  8. Mark the persona as validated or invalidate, based on the research findings.
  9. Define the 'Effort' Priority Factor
    1 - 5
    and assign a score to the Opportunity

Persona Analytics Dashboard
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