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Documentation, Tutorials, and Examples to help you start using PrepxUs


Define your assumptions and thoughts in simple and cohesive views (for ease of use).

Problem Validation

Quickly define all problems that any number target/existing customers have stated, leverage the platform to determine if is this is a problem that needs to be solved.

Customer Profile Validation

Define a simple customer profile that you will use to test your assumptions about market need.

Product Concept

Rapidly mockup interactive concepts representing the value you are providing to your customers.


Define your assumptions and thoughts in simple and cohesive views (for ease of use).

Tags and Themes

Use tags categorize, filter and relate content to pull insights without manually analyzing content.


Speak to potential/existing customers, to validate your persona and value proposition.


Empathize with your target audience, understand their most pressing problems, face to face. Work with them to provide the most effective solution to meeting their needs.


Interact with your target customers on a large scale. Get a macro view of your customer needs

UX Testing Sessions

Get customers to test your solutions live and at scale, to rapidly determine if the usability, etc.


Identify if your business problem assumptions are truely what ail you target customers.

Persona Validation Analytics

Visualize (and Filter) insights from interviews, research and UX testing session


Create, Manage and Configure your account for the best personalized experience.

Settings and Preferences

Manage your availability Calendar and see all booked timeslots.

Solution Prototyping Tool

Quickly define Persona specific (Interactive) solutions to test with real target customers in interviews

Other Documentation

ThirdParty Integrations Alpha

Integrate your existing tools like Gmail/Outlook, Zapier, etc.

PrepxUs ValidNation Alpha

Product Community for Validating Opportunities and Solutions

PrepxUs Alpha

We automatically scour the world to find your most ideal customers.

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