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Collect, categories and analyse Customer/Staff Feedback then prioritise the resulting features

Desired Outcomes

Capture and categorise Feedback in Desired Outcomes, with Tags and in Groups to enable you to focus on the feedback that will lead to the desired outcome.

Priority Factors

Use customer factors (e.g. Market Size, Effort, Value, etc) to prioritise the product feedback.

Product Feedback

All Feedback is classified as Ideas. These ideas are confirmed via various research methods, resulting in validated assumptions and feature prototypes.


Define your assumptions ranging from the problem statement to a full-blown interactive prototype.

Problem Statement

When Feedback is submitted (by Customers/Users), an assumed Problem Statement can be added to confirm what features the customers actually need.

Customer Persona

Feedback can consist of several Customer Personas, so all users' needs are taken into account when determining the UX of the features.

Customer Journey Map

Assume and Refine the Journey customers will to use the resulting feature.

Product Concept

Rapidly build interactive feature prototypes based on the other validated assumptions.


Speak to potential/existing customers, to validate your assumptions.


With Face to Face video meetings (via Public Link or Widget) you can quickly/regularly learn the needs of your customers.


Gather Quantitative data from customers confirm your qualitative findings match what a larger more diverse group of customers think.

UX Testing Sessions

Run (moderated/unmoderated) prototype tests with customers to understand how usable to the potentially new feature is.


Qualitative/Quantitative data is captured aggregated, so findings can be used to validated assumptions and inform the priority.

Tags and Themes

The system uses your custom Tags and Themes to organise the finding; which can be filtered and has Quantitative data attached.

Persona Validation Analytics

Visualize (and Filter) insights from interviews, research and UX testing session, to refine/scrap/verify/etc assumptions


Create, Manage and Configure your account for the best personalized experience.

Availability Calendar

Manage your availability Calendar and see all booked timeslots.


Configure your profile, name, profile picture, etc.


Isolate the feedback from one product to another.


There are several settings that can be applied, e.g Dark Mode.

Feedback Widget

Enable users to submit feedback and participate research studies (e.g. Interviews, Surveys, UX Tests and Observations) without them ever having to leave you app


Other Documentation

ThirdParty Integrations Alpha

Integrate your existing tools like Gmail/Outlook, Zapier, etc.

PrepxUs ValidNation Alpha

Product Community for Validating Ideas and Prototypes

PrepxUs Alpha

We automatically scour the world to find your most ideal customers.

Uncover and address the true needs of your markets

There are infinite opportunities to improve the lives of your users, with PrepxUs you'll pick the ones that matter most.